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Rampage ION Board & Solenoid Kit
The APE Rampage ION board has two 3-step firing modes that are completely user definable. Choose from Semi-Automatic, Response, Reactive or Full Automatic firing modes in ANY combination. With the Rampage™ Ramping modes you decide each step of the way, th

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Here are some of the features of the APE Rampage ION board:

  • 8 Standard Firing Modes
  • The Rampage ION board comes with 8 standard modes of fire.
  • Semi Automatic (one shot for each trigger pull and no shot on the release) Burst (fires from 2 to 5 Shots for each trigger pull and no shots on the release) Reactive (fires from 1 to 5 shots for each trigger pull and fires from 1 to 5 shots on the trigger release)
  • Full Automatic (continuous firing as long as the trigger is pressed)
  • PSP3 (3 Semi Automatic shots, then transactions to 3 shot burst)
  • NXL (3 Semi Automatic shots and Full Automatic on the 4th pull and hold)
  • Plus 2 Fully programmable Ramping modes!

    User Definable Ramping
    The APE Rampage ION board has two 3-step firing modes that are completely user definable. Choose from Semi-Automatic, Response, Reactive or Full Automatic firing modes in ANY combination. With the Rampage™ Ramping modes you decide each step of the way, the BPS rate, Ramping Pull Rate, Reset Rate and more. Each of these modes has 14 individual Setpoints with over 237 Trillion combinations! TOTAL CONTROL!

    Complete Marker Programmability
    The APE Rampage ION board easily lets you navigate through the programming menus to adjust every aspect of your marker.

    Settings Include:

  • Trigger Debounce (set from 2 to 20ms)
  • Trigger Buffering (set to On or Off)
  • Solenoid Dwell (set from 8 to 40ms)
  • Solenoid Dwell Modulation (set from 1 to 40ms)
  • Breech Load Delay (set from 1 to 30ms)
  • Bolt Return Delay (set from 1 to 10ms)
  • iFault Control (set to On or Off)
  • Auto Shutoff Timer (set from No Shutoff to 60 minutes)
  • Lightbar Modes (Set to Off for night play or choose from 4 flash patterns)
  • And more!

    The APE Rampage ION board let you choose Where, How or IF to cap your maximum rate of fire. The Rampage board offers individual Setpoints for setting the maximum rate of fire with your Eyes On (from 10 to 40ms), Eyes Off (from 10 to 20ms) or fire UNCAPPED as fast as your marker will feed!

    The Rampage board incorporates an internal switch to lock in your favorite tournament mode. Choose from any of the standard firing modes OR create your own with the user definable ramping.

    The Rampage ION allows you to individually set the Maximum Global Rate of Fire (MGRF) for marker operation with Eye On and Eyes Off. In addition, we have incorporated the iFault Setpoint to automatically detect Eye failures and adjust your firing to a rate you determine. The keypad LEDs will flash a warning that your Eyes have failed and iFault has taken over. If your Eye function returns, the APE Rampage board will automatically reset your firing rate to your MGRF Eyes On setting.

    When you can’t get out to the field, start up your marker in any of the 4 Trigger Trainer Modes. The Rampage Trigger Trainer mode displays an LED graph of your pull rate as you pull the trigger. Let the trigger rest for a second and the Rampage board will display your Peak Rate of fire AND your Average Pull Rate. Attach your air tank and get a soft “puff” of air report with each pull.

    The keypad was designed to work exclusively with the Rampage ION board. The keypad buttons; Power, Eyes and Mode offer full control and add future expandability to the marker. The keypad also incorporates 4 individual colored LEDs that provide visual feedback about Firing Modes, Eye Status and Programming Setpoints OR just for fun you can program 4 different LEDs flashing patterns.

    No need to be intimidated by the flexibility or programmability of the APE Rampage board. Your APE Rampage board comes PRE-PROGRAMMED with the most optimized setting so all you need to do is switch it on and GO PLAY! Just know that when you’re ready to take it to the next level, the APE Rampage board offers easy step by step programming and the most comprehensive controls available.

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