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Hater Shocker Hatred Paintball Gun Circuit Board
Products in this category are discontinued and will never be back in stock.   We keep them here to give you a little bit of history on the past products of paintball.  Please do not order any of the items from this listing as you will never receive the.

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The hardware on the HATRED board was developed with two primary concerns: overall speed and wireless expandability. Each HATRED board comes equipped with a high-performance wireless transceiver, an industry first, which is fully capable of an almost unlimited array of wireless applications. The HATRED hardware is wholly capable of long-rang transmissions, computer and PDA synchronization, wireless "intellifeeds," and more.

  • Fast: Propriety multitasking algorithms executed on a state of the art microprocessor allow for almost an unlimited array of operations and continuously monitors all trigger and eye events to ensure all trigger activations are registered and are processed.
  • Responsive: The most responsive shot processing system of any paintball circuit board utilizes compact code combined with commonly utilized callable routines which allow for maximum execution speed. This translates to 900,000 more operations per second, 10x faster than our competitors.
  • Adaptable: Expansion memory, anti-mechanical bounce filter, force shot feature instant ON feature, on board battery meter tournament lock, fully adjustable ABS
  • All Hatred boards use state of the art high powered, low power consumption components to maximize speed and battery life
  • Wireless: The first paintball circuit board with a fully integrated wireless transceiver. Innovative Symbio Sync Technology allows continuous, uninterrupted wireless communication between paintball marker and loader.
  • Quality: Genuine gold pads ensure rock solid intra circuit communication. High quality electronics components ensure durability and consistency. Each board has been manufactured and individually tested in the United States.
  • Versatile: 22 varied programmed firing modes adapt to any style of play. More than three times as many modes as the competition:
  • Semi / Auto NPPL
  • Ramping Mode
  • Full Automatic
  • Auto Response
  • PSP
  • NXL
  • Millenium
  • PSP Style Ramping
  • PSP Style Auto Response
  • PSP Breakout Laning Mode
  • Fast Start Mode
  • Semi / Auto Response Transition
  • Semi / Ramping Transition
  • Semi / Full Auto Transition
  • Ramping / Semi Transition
  • Transitional Full Auto Ramp Semi
  • Transitional Semi / Full Auto Ramp
  • Two / Three / Four Shot Burst
  • Musket Ball Mode

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